FAQ General/Technical

  • 1. What is WOWtv?
    WOWtv is a broadband television service that will revolutionize the way you watch your programmes. With WOWtv, you can watch 'whatever you want, whenever you want'. WOWtv content is 100% on-demand and that means no more traditional TV program schedules! WOWtv’s content will stream right to your computer.
  • 2. What is Broadband TV?
    Broadband TV refers to the delivery of digital television and other audio and video services over broadband data networks using the same basic protocols that support the Internet. With increasing internet access speeds, coupled with improvements in digital video compression, high picture quality video content is available on-demand via real-time streaming and viewing on a computer or other digital devices with full play functionality which allows viewers to pause, fast forward, rewind and jump to the previous/next frame. Broadband TV offers ultra-convenience and affordability that allows you to enjoy entertainment in your living room or even at the café. Viewers have total control to customize their entertainment gateway to match their interests.
  • 3. How does WOWtv work?
    Are you tired of having to live by the schedule of television programmes? With WOWtv, there’s an easier way to watch your favourite shows. With high-speed internet access and a credit card, you can turn your computer or television into a multi-purpose entertainment center. With WOWtv, you get access online to hundreds of shows.
  • 4. What does WOWtv offer?
    WOWtv caters to viewers of all ages from all walks of life. Spanning across various genres, our shows range from movie blockbusters, Asian dramas, documentaries, kids channels, anime, classic films to fashion runway shows. There's something for everyone!
  • 5. What do I need to do to watch programmes on your website?
    You have to register as a WOWtv user before you can start watching our programmes.
  • 6. Is WOWtv available 24 hours daily?
    Yes! You can watch WOWtv programmes anytime, anywhere on a computer or other digital devices with a high-speed Internet connection.
  • 7. Can I login to WOWtv using other people’s computer?
    Yes, you can login from any computer as long as you are connected to the Internet.
  • 8. If I am not in Singapore, can I still login to WOWtv from other countries?
    You can still login to WOWtv website from any country. However, you will not be able to view some of our programmes due to restriction rights.
  • 9. How can I sign up with WOWtv?
    To sign up as our member, go to the "Sign Up" page, and enter the required fields. Then click on the “Sign Up” button to complete sign up. An email confirmation to activate your WOWtv account will be send to you. You will have to activate your WOWtv account to enjoy the full functions of WOWtv.
  • 10. How do I activate my WOWtv account?
    New members can follow the steps below to activate their WOWtv account:

    - Once you register on our Sign Up page and submit the registration form, you will be automatically updated to our user databases.
  • 11. Do I have to pay for WOWtv?
    It is free to become a WOWtv member. To sign up, please refer to the section on “How can I sign up with WOWtv”. Depending on the type of contents available, some contents will be free to watch while some need to be redeemed by purchasing WOWtv credits or paying online via paypal. Usually, shows that need to pay are the premium and HD contents.
  • 12. I do not own a credit card. How do I buy credits?
    Currently the only form of online payment is via credit card. Alternatively, you can drop by our showroom and make payment in person via cash or NETS.
  • 13. What do I need to have in order to watch the VOD programmes on WOWtv?
    All you need is a computer with:

    1. WOWtv’s new Media Player:
    Your computer should be installed with a STANDARD FLASH PLAYER to view the video contents online.

    2. Broadband internet connection:
    A minimum broadband speed of 512kbps is recommended. Please refer to the section on “What is the recommended configuration for best viewing experience?” for the best recommendation on watching the shows on our website.

    3. Internet Browser
    The following internet browsers are supported:
    • Internet Explorer 7 and above
    • Firefox

    4. Operating System
    The following operating systems are supported:
    • Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
    • Macintosh OS X
  • 14. What is the recommended configuration for best viewing experience?
    Our web site is best viewed with:
    • 1 Mbps broadband access speed and above
    • Internet Explorer 7 and above.
    • 1024 x 768 Monitor’s resolution
  • 15. Will I face buffering problems when watching programmes?
    You might encounter buffering issues if you have connectivity problems or low bandwidth connection.
  • 16. Do I need to download and install the software in order to watch WOWtv program?
    In order to provide our customers the best viewing experience, a new media player is being introduced. This is the standard Flash Player. Your system should have the Flash Player available.